Kūčios (Christmas Eve)

Christmas Eve celebration tickets’ sale ends on November 30th!

Don’t be late and enjoy!

The Christmas Eve Celebration will be dedicated to the specific number of people who have registered and acquired the entrance tickets in advance. Tickets’ sale will close on November 30th and there will be be no additional sales after that date.

Seattle Lithuanian Community Christmas Eve 2015

On Sunday, Dec. 20, 6 pm at Latvian Hall, once again our Lithuanian Community will gather together around the symbolic Kūčios table.
It will feel just like at Mother’s with hay spread under the white linen tablecloth, delicious traditional dishes, and much heartfelt warmth.
We will share a moment of meditation, we’ll sing Lithuanian Christmas carols, partake of the hospitality, participate in the fun traditions of Lithuanian Christmas Eve charms, enjoy poetry, and of course, await the arrival of Santa Claus. (Parents, please provide a gift-wrapped book labeled with your child’s name).

You can register and buy your tickets here:


You are warmly welcome to this event.

Contact Nomeda if you have any questions or if you want to volunteer.