Green Lake Run

This January 13, 2017 marks the 26th anniversary of Sausio 13-ta or January 13, 1991, also known as Bloody Sunday. That night marked a pivotal night in Lithuania’s struggle to re-gain its independence and free itself of Soviet occupation. 13 people died that night while standing guard outside the radio and TV tower. Join us in commemorating that night and in honoring those who died fighting for Lithuania’s freedom. We plan to run or walk (2.8 miles) around Green Lake. A similar run has been held in Vilnius since 1992. Portland, OR held a run last year as have communities in Belgium, Ireland and other countries. This year even more communities are joining in.

When: Sunday January 15, 2017

Where: Green Lake, Seattle, park in the lot at the South end of lake and follow signs to gathering place near restrooms and boat launch What time: Noon to 2 PM

What to wear: Comfortable clothes for running/walking and anticipate rain Bring: Small Lithuanian flags, water bottle, food item to share Volunteers:

If you would like to help with this event, please contact Rasa Tautvydas at